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This portion of our API will allow you to interact with reviews. You will be able to:

  • Publicly respond to reviews
  • Share reviews to a Facebook profile
  • Flag inappropriate reviews

A snapshot of our mobile app that allows users to publicly respond to reviews using the Reply Pro platform.


In most situations, engaging with reviews will require a POST to our API. Creating a POST will immediately update the Reply Pro database and will also trigger our system to update the new information on the appropriate review site.

For example, if you respond to a TripAdvisor review using our API, the response will be view-able via our API immediately. However, the response might not be published to TripAdvisor for a few hours. Actual publishing times vary per site.


Must Connect Profiles Before Changes Will Be Publicly Posted

All POSTS will be saved to our database; however, a profile must be connected before anything will actually be published to the web.

As a result, we highly suggest testing (responding to reviews, flagging, etc.) before you connect profiles.



Coming Soon

Occasionally, users will want to edit a response they made (often because of a typo). PUT allows them to make changes to previously made actions.

Updated 3 years ago


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